Commercial Flood Services

Commercial Water & Emergency Flood Sewage Service

Effectively removing water from your business or building requires precise planning and proper execution of each step, which means the difference between resolving the flood damage with little or no after effect, or having structural damage, recurring leak, and even health issues due to improper drying and sanitizing.

  1. Water Extraction: Emergency Flood Restoration specialists arrive for flood clean up with both truck mounted and portable water extraction units to help quickly and effectively pump out any standing flood water found in your business or building.
  2. Dehumidifying and Drying: After any standing flood water has been removed and any leaks have been identified and repaired, Emergency Flood Restoration utilizes powerful dehumidifiers to ‘wick’ the added moisture that remains in the air. Additionally, we utilize state-of-the-art air movers, that not only move a tremendous amount of air to speed along the drying process, but also continually adjust the temperature and humidity to reduce or eliminate any warping, swelling, or cracking of floors, walls, and furniture.
  3. Sanitizing and Odor Removal: During and after the drying process, the Emergency Flood Restoration specialists will disinfect and sanitize the affected area. Properly identifying and treating the potential sanitary problems BEFORE they become significant health problems is paramount to this process. Finally, we will eliminate odors that may exist from the sustained water damage.

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Sewage Flood Water Cleanup & Removal

Professional sewer flood damage restoration is needed to properly disinfect and sanitize affected areas to prevent microbial developments from occurring. If left untreated (or not treated properly) sewer water damage can cause serious health problems, especially in children, elderly people and those who suffer from chronic respiratory problems or weakened immune systems.

If you suspect sewage has backed up in your building, it is essential that all infected areas be treated immediately, whether it is on floorboards, carpets, walls or furniture, anything that has been contaminated will require immediate attention to prevent the spread of bio-contaminants including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Additionally, all material where mold may have started growing or may begin to grow must also be treated.

Call Emergency Flood Restoration IMMEDIATELY if you’ve experienced sewer damage to your property.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Top Down Drying
  • Applied Structure Drying
  • Tear-Out and Removal
  • Moisture Scanning
  • Air Quality & Odor Control