Residential Fire Services

Residential Services – Fire & Smoke

residential fire restoration

Experiencing a fire is a devastating event. Fire and smoke damage clean up is a complex task that should be left to a professional fire restoration company. Our emergency fire restoration services can repair damage caused by fire and smoke, and help you begin to recover from this distressing event.

Expert fire and smoke restoration is a complicated job, in part due to the toxic gases that are released from the burning of construction materials, such as solvents and glues. Our trained technicians can detect and neutralize these chemicals and remove hazardous odors from the air.

Our emergency fire restoration technicians will remove soot from the property itself, as well as handle the delicate tasks of removing ash from electronics, appliances, books, artwork and important documents. We will also help you determine what can be safely restored and what needs be replaced. Emergency Flood Restoration experts understand how difficult the loss of personal property can be and take the utmost care to restore items back to their original condition whenever possible.

Smoke Damage Repair

Fire causes two distinct types of smoke damage:

  • damage from soot
  • invisible odor

Both are destructive and much of the restoration process following a fire is dependent upon the type of burn.

The behavior of smoke is exclusive to the type of fire and building that has been affected. The nature of smoke is to migrate to areas of a building that may have not been directly affected by a flame, so knowing the exact type of fire and smoke is essential to a proper restoration. Smoke damage repair requires an experienced professional fire and smoke restoration service to effectively repair any smoke related damages.

Types of Smoke:

Dry Smoke – Is a result of a fast burn at a high temperature. The odor and soot left behind from this type of smoke needs to be properly treated by certified emergency fire restoration specialists.

Wet Smoke – this type of damage is caused by a low heat fire where there are numerous areas of smoldering. This smoke leaves a “wet” sticky substance that should be remedied by a professional fire restorer. The smoke webs created by wet smoke are difficult to clean and easily smear if not treated correctly. Do not attempt to restore an area affected by this type of smoke damage without consulting a professional fire and smoke restoration service.

Protein – Smoke damage as a result of an extreme burn of a game animal or other protein enriched fiber. Extremely pungent odor that is virtually invisible, but does a number of damages to varnishes and paints.

Oil Soot from Fuel – fireplaces and furnaces can “puffback” as a result of soot from fuel oil. This damage can ruin upholstered products such as drapery, couches and carpets. The soot emitted from fuel oils can be devastating to nearby household items or office goods. Proper restoration is the key to salvaging sentimental valuables and cherished amenities

Additional Services Offered:

  • Top Down Drying
  • Applied Structure Drying
  • Tear-Out and Removal
  • Moisture Scanning
  • Air Quality & Odor Control