Residential Mold Services

Residential Mold Remediation

To properly identify, remove, and prevent future infestations of mold and fungus, it is essential to hire a trained, experienced and knowledgeable company like Emergency Flood Restoration.

Four Step Process

  1. Locate the Mold Problem – The most important step in mold remediation is identifying where the problem is. Through a visual, physical, and chemical inspection, we determine the reach of the mold problem and contain it.
  2. Kill Mold and Fungus – Using a safe anti-mold and fungicide solution, we kill the mold and fungus found in the containment area.
  3. Clean up the Mold – After the mold has been killed, the area must be thoroughly cleaned. We perform a multi-step mold removal process that eliminates as many of the spores as possible. The last cleaning phase is to apply a safe solution which helps prevent recurring mold growth in the same area.
  4. Prevent Mold from Returning – Most mold problems are typically caused by a high level of humidity or a leak, sometimes making it difficult for the owner to identify. After we identify and remediate the mold problem, it is our responsibility to help identify the cause and either fix or offer suggestions on how to fix your moisture problem.

residential mold removal

Additional Services Offered:

  • Top Down Drying
  • Applied Structure Drying/li>
  • Tear-Out and Removal/li>
  • Moisture Scanning/li>
  • Air Quality & Odor Control/li>